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Points of Distribution


Are an innovative answer to the problem of dead space in commercial locations. PODz utilise retail and marketing spaces both indoors and outdoors. Unlike traditional kiosks, their highly flexible design features mean any space can be turned into a commercial success. Designed by Moquetas Riber, the design is being exclusively distributed by an experienced distribution company, PODz-Retail.


Further enquires contract info@Moquetas



The stand’s external surfaces are covered with a set of continuous images with great impact, referring to the science theme.


Visual concept


The internal surfaces are images and illustrations inspired by natural science graphics, looking for a sober and quiet inner space where the activities will take place.

Vinet prototype


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The drinks cabinet has been stuck in a 1970s time warp for too long. No longer is the preserve of drinkers of saccharine-sweet  liqueurs. It has finally come of age. The Vinet is a drinks cabinet for grown ups, created for style-conscious ‘movers and shakers’ who appreciate a modern design classic.


The Vinet’s look is one of understated sophistication: a modular structure made from Corian®, once it is opened up it is capable of catering for any social gathering. Fom entertaining a couple of clos friends over a cold scotch and ice, to keeping a whole party supplied with wine, the Vinet can hold ten bottles of wine, eight bottles of spirits and a selection of glasses in the spine and doors.


There is even a Corian@ ice bucket cavity for storing ice and up to four bottles of champagne in the Vinet’s base, so when the night is over and it’s time for bed, the Vinet smoothly folds away into an ergonomic ellips, immaculate until the sound of the cliking in crystal glasses returns again.


Designer: Alejandro Hernandez.



Taken from the Spanish for ‘sleep’, the two-part Limited edition Durmientes sculpture invites curious hands. Made from a sleek resin that carries all the visual tenderness of glass yet none of its physical fragility, the Durmientes is a focal oasis for any room. Its colourful organic curves are there to be touched, while casting striking light around the room. The sensual sculpture can be pulled apart, toyed with and rearranged as you wish. The two parts are integral to the whole, but the individual decides how they interact.


Designer: Susanne Asuum.

Dimensions: set of 6 pairs of sculptures between 20 x 8 cm and 7x4 cm.

Material: Polyurethane resin

Colours: Limited edition – 50 complete sets available in one complete colour: blue, orange, yellow, green, pink and purple.

Product and furniture design


Having a highly skilled and design conscious team at Moquetas Riber, demonstrated by our initial product portfolio, we have attracted interest from other international companies requiring product design.


Through our established relationship with leading global manufacturers and material companies Moquetas Riber are capable of developing highly innovative designs with the latest technologies within budgets.

  • Companies Collaboration
  • Dupont TM (Worldwide)
  • Ricson (Spain)
  • Imperial Arts (India)
  • Modelsam (Turkey)


Display Rack

Medusa Lamp

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Born from the concept “freetings” by Tailor Made and Madmedia, this card display rack is the result of a stylish, modern, contemporary, ergonomic, and aesthetic design process. It can be used as a stand alone furniture or fixed on the wall with a dual function accessory.


Designer: Paco Romero.

Client: Madmedia


Medusa conceived and made in Spain is so-called because of its elegant marine namesake, meaning “jellyfish” in Spanish. Made from laser-etched Corian®, which perfectly captures the sleek of the aquatic creature, the Medusa’s swooping curves and celestial light conjure images of drifting effortlessly along with the sea’s currents. A flexible element of coloured light can be added, facilitating dynamic ambient luminescence and a complimentary mood change.


A winner of “The Skin of Corian” international design award award organized by DuPont and DesignBoom.


Designer: Claudia Carrasco

Dimensions: 20 x 15 cm.

Material : White Corian®

Designs: 6 laser-etched designs available.

Colours: White (colored bulbs after lighting effect)


The Medusa Lamps are for sale.

To purchase please contact info@Moquetas



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